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Anna Katalkina Bio

Anna Katalkina

My work expressly balances seriousness and humor, details and simplicity, tradition and modernity. It picks up breezes from European travel, theater, edibles, and the Dutch Old Masters. 

Growing up in St. Petersburg, I regarded the beauty of its palaces, museums, and theaters as the norm in life. I frequented  the Mariinsky Theater with its magical staging, the Hermitage, the Russian Art Museum, contemporary art exhibitions. In my teens, seeking ways of my own self-expression, I purchased a box of oil paints and started painting on any surface that I could find: cardboard, broken guitar backs, old vinyls. I have since lived, studied, and painted in London, Birmingham, AL, Paris, and Washington, D.C. 

I find satisfaction in painting not only in the overtly beautiful, but also in the mundane, the unworthy. Candy receives the same attention as a porcelain figurine, both are capable of attracting the willing eye. Small format, intimate still-lifes are well suited for my quest. Theater-like setting of the objects opens room for narrative, real or invented. The ritual of the painting process itself, rooted in the 17th century Dutch Masters’ techniques, reflects my wish to slow down amidst the societal racing and to pay tribute to craftsmanship that is disappearing from our factory-ruled world, one glaze at a time.

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