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Connie Rigdon Bio

Connie Rigdon

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan then raised in Hawaii, Southern California and summers back in Taipei. I currently reside in Charleston SC, which I love. It is a city full of history and beautiful architecture; a very paintable city. 

As a child, I remember always drawing or painting or designing spaces or buildings. I was very much drawn to the built environment. Ultimately, I chose to study architecture and received my architecture degree from SCI-Arc. After years of study and practice in the field of architecture, I realized that what I was constantly drawn to shapes and how light played off those shapes and the effects that had on perception of space. It is these same elements that inform me when I am painting today. 

As I have evolved in my art practice, other elements have become keys to my composition such as, texture, hierarchy, variety, depth. My approach is intuitive yet structured and I start my paintings like a design problem, often with lots and lots of little studies to inform and inspire my larger pieces. It is when all the elements such as shape, light, variety, texture and hierarchy all come together, then I know my piece is complete. 

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