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James Worsham Bio

James Worsham

Finding the correlations between objects and identity is a core value of James Worsham’s work, often in very unexpected ways. From drawing to installation art, painting to temporary guerrilla street art, he utilizes as many skills and mediums as necessary to convey his meaning. Materials are equally as varied, from teacups to toy soldiers, he’s established a reputation for odd materials presented in sophisticated, thought provoking pieces.

Worsham’s work has been commissioned by hotels, restaurants, retailers and private clients for more than a decade all across the country. He’s brought his art and designs to the world through several television shows on major networks like HBOMax, NBCUniversal, OWN, Bravo and HGTV. Home will always be found in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his husband and their lady dog, Walter.

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