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Kristin Gaudio Endsley Bio

Kristin Gaudio Endsley

Kristin Gaudio Endsley is an abstract artist and ceramicist whose work has caught the attention of critics and collectors worldwide. Influenced by the combination effects of weather and time found in both internal and external environments, the art asks the viewer to participate in interpretation. This starts with most viewers’
first question regarding abstract art: What am I looking at? Beyond the basics, viewers are also asked to contemplate more existential questions: What’s inside? What’s outside? What’s intentional? What happens by chance?  Kristin has traveled extensively around the world where she honed her eye and trademark ability to create visual texture with a rich, adventurous color palette, and expressive techniques. She is constantly working towards fresh ideas for new bodies of work, and continues to take on commissions worldwide. The artist currently resides in Washington DC.

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