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Michelle Owenby Bio

Michelle Owenby 

Michelle was born in Asheville, NC with a deeply rooted “maker” heritage.  She developed a love of art, nature, travel + spirituality which greatly inform the foundation of her work.  Influenced by her mother + grandmother, she has been using her hands + imagination since she was a child to create artful objects.  Her work often reflects colors + patterns found in nature where she spent much of her childhood with her dad, who was an avid-outdoorsman. 

She enjoys a clean, abstract aesthetic using mainly water-based mediums, paper + natural fibers.  In almost all of her work you will see her intrigue with the opposing forces of dualism.  Her works are spiritual + reflective outpourings that she tries to nurture daily.

Faith + family are her highest priorities so, she works from her home studio in Sullivan’s Island, SC where both peaceful + joyful inspiration are found.  She resides there with her beloved husband, 2 loving teenage boys + their lazy yellow lab.  Her work has been seen throughout the Southeast + licensed in worldwide markets.

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