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Nashville Artist Collective - Giving

The Nashville Artist Collective is committed to giving a portion of sales to a specified charity.
 It is important to our group as local artists and community members to contribute back to our community. 

For the month of December a percentage of art sales benefits:

Since we started as a nonprofit organization in 2013, AWAKE’s mission has been to advocate for the advancement of women and children in Tennessee. The health, safety, and success of women and children have been under-prioritized in our state which is why we dedicate our work to education and policy change. There has been a collective reckoning in our country as we face the reality of violence, white supremacy, and systemic racism. Although these experiences are not new, the recent events of police brutality have caused more people to wake up to the persisting racism that exists at all levels of society. 

Gender discrimination and violence against women are not exclusively gender issues. Multiple dimensions of identity, including race and class, compound with gender identity and result in experiences of disadvantage and inequality. As a result, the health, economic security, educational attainment, and political participation of Black women in particular are disproportionately impacted. We believe that our specific focus uniquely positions us to bring light to the ways racism and sexism work together to marginalize and disempower members of our society.

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